History of the VIV Group

Villanyszerelőipari Vállalat, VIV, was established in 1963 through the consolidation of four companies, which had already worked well on their own. The consolidation was aimed at establishing higher technical standards and improving the economic efficiency of production, taking into consideration the following principles: reduction of the construction and installation time of facilities, quality improvement and compliance with the technological instructions. The activities of VIV included the implementation of the electrical systems of industrial facilities, the complete electrical equipment of municipal buildings, overhead line networks and cable networks.
After its renewal in 1996, VIV Rt. (Co. Ltd)., called VIV Zrt. (Private Co. Ltd). today, established LLCs in the major industrial, economic and cultural regions of Hungary, which, complemented with a manufacturing base traditionally located at Bicske, collectively comprise the VIV Group.
Rooted deeply in the Hungarian economy, the Company Group takes a hand in the implementation of important projects as contractor, prime contractor and general contractor alike, by consciously reinvesting the profit made, introducing and applying advanced technologies and production processes, as well as by continuously providing quality training to its staff.
The design, prime contracting and installation activities of the VIV Group are represented by a series of outstanding facilities that also fill a decisive role in the life of residential areas and residential communities, such as the BS Arena in Budapest, a number of representative office buildings in Budapest (IBM, RTL, OTP, etc.), shopping centres (Lurdy House, Mamut, Asia Center, etc.) or Főnix Hall in Debrecen, the Study and Information Centre in Szeged, university halls of residence in Veszprém and Miskolc and the passenger terminal building of Pécs Airport.
In addition to the implementation of these spectacular facilities, the Group is present in the refurbishment works of the public transport networks in our large cities, in installation at airports forming national and international transport hubs, just like in the development of our industrial facilities.

The manufacturing activity pursued within the Group has linked the name of VIV to Bicske since the 1960s. The modern plant, which today has a sales revenue of several billion forints, provides a technical background for the VIV Group through its manufacturing activity, and the majority of its products are exported.

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