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Dear Inquirer/Partner,
As a result of the continuous expansion of capacities and technical and technological modernization, we can also provide a possibility, within our technical areas, for meeting and implementing the most diverse custom and special requirements of, and tasks assigned by, our customers.
VIVBER Kft. (LLC) is a company located in Bicske, which is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of electrical switch-gears, the manufacture of metal structures, surface treatment and the manufacture of cable assemblies and which uses equipment and technologies representing a state-of-the-art technological standard.
Our specialist staff, which include both highly skilled young people and specialists with many years of experience, represent a reliable background for the fulfilment of the orders we receive.The majority of our turnover has been attained in the countries of the European Union for years. Our efforts made in the area of quality assurance are attested by our quality management system conforming to Hungarian Standard MSZ EN ISO 9001 and our environment-oriented management system conforming to Hungarian Standard MSZ EN ISO 14001.
We hope that the information on the other pages and under the other menu items present our company and activities in more detail, arousing your further interest at the same time. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the Internet, by telephone or in person, our staff will be pleased to answer your questions.

Yours sincerely,