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Welcome to the website of VIV Zrt., with which we hope to arouse your interest in the activities performed by our Company.

VIV Zrt. carries out prime contracting, general project implementation, design, installationand maintenance tasks typically in the territory of Hungary, but also pursues major installation activities in Germany.
Our most important objective is to fulfil the assignments received from our Hungarian and foreign principals under the conditions requested and in good quality, for which a reliable background is provided by our staff’s several decades of professional and vocational experience and competence, the continuously operated and audited quality assurance system MSZ EN ISO 9001, MSZ 28001 and environment-oriented management system MSZ EN ISO 14001 of the Company, as well as certificates obtained in various technical areas ABOS 2, 3, 4T; NATO; AQAP 2120.
In addition to factories and industrial plants, sports, educational and cultural facilities, airports and public transport projects, office buildings and shopping centres, the implementation of information technology, process control and other special tasks indicate our activities, on which detailed information may be obtained under the “References” menu item.
If you have further requests relating to the activities and services of our Company, please do not hesitate to contact us, for which useful assistance is provided under the “Contact Us
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Management of VIV Zrt.